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Endless Possibilities

Productivity, determination, and adaptation. That is our mantra at DM Bowman & Sons. In February of 2015, with no shortage of zeal and a vigorous heart, I set out to make my mark as a skilled craftsman. I know that your home environment can be very sacred to you. That is why I strive to create a quality space that will bring you inspiration and joy for years to come. I am currently seeking to bid on residential home improvement projects ranging from repair services, tile and flooring installation, and kitchen/bath remodeling. As a small, family oriented company, we can take the time customize your project to your specific needs or artistic desires. I also strive to provide a pleasant personal experience and a job that lives up to the character of each clients’ home. Currently in Prospect, PA, DM Bowman & sons is serving the Butler County and surrounding areas. Each project is unique and adds to the durability and warmth of the home. I can’t wait to hear about yours!